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Now hiring: Online Tutors for Skooli

The rapid growth of the online tutoring industry as a whole has provided an entirely new way for teachers to help students learn and to earn some extra money outside of the classroom.


As a member of the team at Skooli Online Tutoring, I’ve seen firsthand a dramatic increase in the amount of tutoring happening on our site. Whether it’s during the evenings, weekends, or convenient time slots for teachers in overseas time zones, the total number or tutoring hours is up across the board and around the clock.


In recent weeks and months, Skooli has set records for our all-time most tutoring hours conducted in a week, most tutoring hours conducted in a month, and weekly and monthly student sign-ups. We’ve seen hundreds of teachers join Skooli, complete their first tutoring session, and start earning for their time in the digital classroom. It’s the perfect time for teachers to get online and explore new opportunities teaching in the digital classroom.


The following, borrowed from Revolutionizing Education: The Virtual Future of Learning, offers some context as to why we’re seeing such growth – at Skooli and across the entire online tutoring marketplace:


  • In the US, online tutoring is a $132 million market and is continuing to grow at an annual rate of 6%.
  • Education and ed-tech initiatives in America are being funded by very wealthy individuals, such as Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Gates at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Schools are, for the first time, composed of students who are ready to move to learning in a digital-first environment. This school year, only 12th grade students are still 90s babies. Students in kindergarten through 11th grade were all born on this side of the new millennium.
  • Teachers are turning to virtual learning communities, such as Personal Learning Networks, Personal Communities, and Communities of Practice to bridge distances and interact with other educators who they would previously never speak with. These communities allow teachers to share ideas and resources with one another, producing faster adoption of new methods and technologies by teachers across the country.


With such rapid development happening, there is always ample space for qualified and passionate educators to join online tutoring platforms. We’re constantly sourcing, screening, and adding licensed teachers and master’s degree holders to the Skooli website. After this, our tutors are able to start confirming session requests, hosting tutoring sessions, receiving ratings and reviews, and collecting payouts.


In fact, we’re growing so quickly that we’re currently working with Teach Away to find university-level computer literacy tutors. If you’re interested in earning extra money with your computer skills, you can apply using your Teach Away profile. For more about this position with Skooli and to apply, check out the posting on the Teach Away job board.


The uptick in learning happening on Skooli has allowed us to gain some new insight on student needs as well. Below are some of the tutors we have the highest demand for. If you feel like you fit the bill for one of these or simply want to learn more, come visit us at


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