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adventurer teaching abroad based on personality type

Teaching abroad offers a multitude of exciting opportunities for educators seeking new experiences and personal growth. Whether you’re motivated by a sense of adventure, professional advancement, community building, or financial stability, there are schools across the globe that align with your aspirations.

We want to share four distinct characteristic profiles of teachers and recommend several noteworthy international school positions that align with each profile. Which one are you?

  1. The Adventurer
  2. Career Climbers
  3. Community Builders
  4. Savers

1. The Adventurer

Teachers driven by a passion for travel and a desire to immerse themselves in diverse cultures find teaching abroad a thrilling prospect. Adventurers constantly seek new destinations and embrace the excitement of taking risks.

Key factors for adventurers:

  • Accessible travel hubs with nearby cities and countries to explore.
  • Destinations rich in cultural experiences.
  • Work/life balance and generous holiday allowances.

If you love an adventure, check out these schools and their jobs, below:

2. Career Climbers

Teachers aspiring to progress beyond the classroom and take on Senior Leadership Team (SLT) roles seek schools that offer ample professional development opportunities. They value schools that foster their growth and facilitate their journey towards career advancement. If they feel their growth is not being facilitate, they’ll be on the lookout for a school who can nurture their evolution.

Key factors for career climbers:

  • Availability of professional development programs.
  • Schools that are relatively new or recently established.
  • Destinations with a lower expatriate workforce.

If you’re looking to advance your teaching career, check out these schools and their jobs, below:

3. Community Builders

Teachers passionate about making a positive impact on the world often choose to teach in developing countries or areas affected by conflicts or natural disasters. They seek schools with a strong sense of mission, passionate colleagues, and a vibrant community among students.

Key factors for community builders:

  • School ethos and mission.
  • Collaborative colleagues who share a similar passion.
  • Opportunities to foster a strong sense of community amongst the student body.

If you’re looking to make a real impact in developing countries, check out these schools and their jobs, below:

4. Savers

Teachers focused on financial stability, whether it’s paying off student loans, mortgages, or achieving a comfortable lifestyle, can find attractive opportunities abroad. These schools often provide competitive salaries, low taxes, and a favorable cost of living.

Key factors for savers:

  • Higher salaries.
  • Low tax rates.
  • Affordable cost of living.

If you want a great ‘take home pay’ check out some of these schools and their jobs below:

Find your perfect teaching destination abroad

It’s important to note that you can strive for all of these things and more, and that many of these schools also fit multiple categories.

If you’d like to learn more about candidate personas, please download the latest edition of the IERR report here and if you want to find more awesome jobs, check out our teaching job board!

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