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Teaching destinations in Africa

Are there English teaching jobs in Africa?

Put it this way, with 54 countries and a population of 1.2 billion and growing there is plenty of demand for teachers in Africa! There are jobs for TEFL and licensed teachers from Cairo to Casablanca and Cape Town.

As you would expect on any continent, there is also a huge range of experiences on offer. Whether you want to work in a thriving city or position yourself close to some of the world’s most breathtaking natural beauty including beaches, mountains, deserts, and lush greenery, your perfect teaching position might well be in Africa.

What kind of teaching jobs are there in Africa?

There are three main kinds of teaching jobs you can find in Africa: teaching as a volunteer paid teaching as a TEFL teacher or teaching with a teacher’s license.

Teaching in Africa as a volunteer

Volunteer in Africa

If you haven’t yet got your TEFL certificate or want to work in an African country where there isn’t a big education industry, volunteer teaching might be the way to go. There are volunteer positions available all over Africa that provide a great opportunity to go on a cultural adventure and build up your teaching skills all at the same time.

Obviously, you won’t get paid in a volunteer position and you’ll probably have to fund your own flights and, possibly, living expenses. You might also have to teach in tough conditions – think large classes in schools that lack resources. With this in mind, you might want to chat with the school you volunteer at beforehand and see if there are any resources you should bring along with you.

Where can I teach as a volunteer in Africa?

Anywhere you like! If all that choice is overwhelming, think about the kind of lifestyle you’d like to experience to help you narrow it down. Researching everything from the cuisine to the climate will help you work out exactly where might be the right place for you on this vast continent. To help you get started, here are a few popular destinations:

Volunteer to teach English in Rwanda

In recent years Rwanda has been making big improvements to its education system, making English the primary language of instruction in schools. This means there is a demand for teachers all over the country whether you see yourself exploring jungles in the north or sipping local coffee in the capital Kigali.

Check out some volunteer teaching positions in Rwanda.

Volunteer to teach English in Kenya

Kenya’s natural beauty makes it a hugely popular tourist destination, but there are also tons of teaching opportunities there often working with kids in rural and semi-urban areas.

Check out some volunteer teaching positions in Kenya.

Teaching TEFL in Africa

Volunteer in Africa

While there aren’t as many paid TEFL positions as volunteer teaching positions, it is still possible to find them. There are plenty of private language schools in big cities including international teaching organizations like the British Council. If you have a TEFL certificate you may be able to interview and secure a job before you arrive, but this isn’t always the case and many adventurous teachers book a flight and turn up to conduct their job search in person. If you take this route, remember to check your visa status beforehand.

Where can I teach TEFL in Africa?

Here are some of the most established TEFL destinations in Africa:

Teach English in Morocco

French and Arabic-speaking Morocco is known for cities steeped in history and culture and their diverse natural beauty including deserts, mountains, and beaches. Jobs are available throughout the country, with the American Language Center, British Council, and Amideast, and all known to be great employers.

Teach English in Egypt

The historical wonders of Egypt need no introduction but beyond the pyramids, there are plenty of teaching jobs in major cities Cairo and Alexandria, and some opportunities in smaller cities too. It’s more common to find a job in person than online, and in general, the cost of living should allow you a comfortable lifestyle on your teaching salary.

Teach English in Senegal

Senegal is a tropical, francophone country in western Africa known for its beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. Most TEFL positions are based in the buzzing capital, Dakar.

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Teaching in Africa with a teaching license

Teaching with a teaching license is a fantastic way to experience living almost anywhere in Africa. Teachers are needed for all subjects and are usually hired on two-year contracts with regular, monthly salaries, and benefits including accommodation, roundtrip airfare, and medical insurance. Amenities may vary between urban and rural positions, and salaries vary from country to country, although all should provide a comfortable lifestyle and the opportunity to save money.

Where can I teach with a teaching license in Africa?

Being a licensed teacher gives you the frankly amazing opportunity to work in private international schools all over Africa.

So how about heading to Botswana, for stunning nature and friendly locals?

Or maybe you can see yourself soaking up history that dates back to the very beginning of humankind in Ethiopia?

Feel like exploring souks and dipping your toes in the Mediterranian in Tunisia?

Or taking in the heights of Kilimanjaro and the big five in Tanzania?

These options are just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at Teach Away’s featured programs for more ideas.

Are schools in Africa hiring teachers for 2021/2022?

Yes! Despite the challenge of hiring teachers during a global pandemic, schools in Africa are recruiting for the next school year.

While the pandemic created obstacles for international recruitment, schools have been taking advantage of Teach Away’s online recruitment platform to find bright and qualified candidates.

For schools that are part of the Small Schools Initiative and have between 20 and 1,000 students, this has been particularly advantageous.

“We found three quality candidates within two weeks,” says Jeff Trudeau, director of the Small Schools Initiative and Head of School, International School of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. “They have ticked all the boxes, and are excited to come and join our team at the International School of Ouagadougou.”

Before the pandemic, Trudeau relied on job fairs to meet with incoming teachers. But now, Trudeau’s Small Schools Initiative reaches a limitless network of teachers around the world.

If you are called to it, you can easily apply to teach for one of the Small Schools in Africa with Teach Away.

“During this unique time, Teach Away has allowed us to recruit more effectively while maintaining the quality of teachers needed in a small school environment,” says Trudeau. “I recommend Teach Away, without hesitation. It is the best service I have used in my 16 years as a Head of School.”

True to his word, the Association of International Schools in Africa’s (AISA) Small Schools Initiative will be working closely with Teach Away to continue recruitment.

Are you interested in teaching for a small school in Africa? 

Learn more about AISA’s Small Schools Initiative and browse our teaching jobs in Africa.

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