teach in slovak republic

Teach in Slovak Republic

ESL and certified teachers looking for teaching jobs in Slovak Republic (also known as Slovakia) can find positions in the primary and secondary public school system, as well as private language schools. international schools and colleges and universities throughout the country. English is a requirement for secondary students in the Slovak school system. There are also opportunities to teach business English and to find private tutoring jobs teaching English in Slovak Republic. To keep pace with the EU jobs market, learning English has exploded in popularity among Slovak citizens.

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Teaching in Slovak Republic

Options for teaching in Slovak Republic

Teachers in Slovak Republic will find most teaching opportunities in bigger towns and cities like the capital, Bratislava, as well as smaller cities and towns like Piestany and Trencin, where the majority of international schools, private language schools, colleges and universities are located.

teaching in slovak republic

Salary and benefits while teaching in Slovak Republic

Teaching Benefit TypeTeaching Benefit Details
Yearly Salary$425 - $950 USD (€410 - €672) per week at language schools, $2,000 USD (€1,900) upwards at international schools.
Working Hours20 - 25 hours/week.
Relocation AllowanceNot provided.
VacationJuly - September
Health InsuranceNot provided.
Contract Duration1-2 years.

Teach in Slovak Republic – Hiring

While teacher applications to schools in Slovak Republic are accepted throughout the year, peak hiring times occur in September/October and January. The school year in Slovak Republic runs from September until the end of June.

Qualifications to teach in Slovak Republic

Teachers looking for jobs at private language schools in Slovak Republic are required to have a Bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate.

International schools in Slovak Republic will often require teachers have an advanced degree in education as well as a teaching certificate and relevant teaching experience. The pay is accordingly higher at international schools compared to private language schools in Slovak Republic.

teach in slovak republic

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Visas for teachers in Slovak Republic

Slovak Republic is a European Union member state, which means that EU nationals don’t need a visa to teach in Slovak Republic. If you aren’t an EU national, you will need to apply for a work permit to teach in Lithuania. Select international schools in Slovak Republic will sponsor a work visa for qualified teachers who are not EU citizens.

teaching in slovak republic

Living in Slovak Republic

Salary, working conditions, teaching hours and more tend to vary from school to school in Slovak Republic. As the cost of living in Slovak Republic is reasonably low, teachers can expect to live a good lifestyle whether they’re at the lower or upper end of the teaching salary scale.

Things for teachers to do in Slovak Republic

As Slovak Republic is right in the center of Europe, teachers are free travel to countries across Western and Eastern Europe with relative ease. Slovak Republic also has the benefit of being relatively untouched by tourism, making it a traveler's dream. For teachers living in Bratislava, the city’s Old Town is filled with shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants, museums and churches - you’ll never be short of fun things to see and do!

Slovak Republic has a rich history, evident in the many castles and fortresses throughout the countryside. The country is home to nine national parks and it’s well worth a trip to the mountains of High Tatras, with peaks reaching 2,500 meters and glacier lakes formed thousands of years in the past. Ski runs are plentiful throughout Slovak Republic as well.

teach in slovak republic

Slovak Republic at a Glance

Country Information

Capital - Bratislava

Language - Slovak

Population - 5.429 million

Currency - Euro

Government - Parliamentary republic

Major Religion - Roman Catholic

Climate - Continental

Quick Facts
  • Slovak Republic was one of the two countries created when Czechoslovakia split in 1993. The other country was Czech Republic.
  • Slovak Republic is home to six UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • 90% of Slovak nationals have completed, at minimum, secondary education - the highest score in the European Union
  • Slovak Republic has the highest number of castles per capita, with over 180 castles!
  • Slovak Republic has over 6,000 caves.
  • There are nearly 50 preserved wooden churches throughout Slovak Republic - all constructed without a single nail. The oldest is the church of St. Francis of Assisi in Hervartov, built in 1500.
  • Slovak Republic is the only country with its capital city bordered by two different countries.

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