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view of colorful houses on the beach in puerto rico where you can teach english online

Imagine living a life full of purpose and meaning while still maintaining the ability to travel to the world, set your own schedule, and have autonomy over what your workday looks like.

Now, I can probably guess what you’re thinking – that sounds way too good to be true – right?

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – it’s not too good to be true.

In fact, the life of a teaching nomad is completely achievable with the right certification in hand.

Is a TEFL certificate your passport to a dream life?

In episode 7 of our teacher podcast School of Talk, Jocelyn Hellested shares how her TEFL certification became her passport to live anywhere, make money doing something that fills her with purpose, and work on her own terms. 

Jocelyn Hellested knew she wanted a career that would allow her to teach in some capacity.

Like many, she was seeking a balance between building connections with students, without getting bogged down with the daily tasks of a classroom teacher.

She wanted to experience the world of teaching but in a less conventional manner.

Simultaneously, she had a love of languages and wanted to travel to Spanish-speaking countries.

As a multi-faceted individual, Jocelyn knew she needed a career that allowed her to experience it all.

Make money living and teaching English online in Puerto Rico (and anywhere else in the world).

Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, and now Puerto Rico.

With the goal of experiencing a new culture, creating her own schedule, and making money, Jocelyn discovered the perfect solution; she could teach English as a second language online and abroad.

In order to keep her options open, Jocelyn opted to take a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification course.

She knew that a TEFL certificate would be beneficial whether she chose to teach online only or switch to an in-person teaching role abroad.

Shortly after receiving her certification, Jocelyn found an online teaching position with VIPKid.

Jocelyn has had the opportunity to work for multiple amazing companies including VIPKid, Cambly, and Outschool. 

The benefits of freedom and autonomy as an online English teacher.

Today, Jocelyn lives and teaches in Puerto Rico online with VIPKid. She has the ability to create her own schedule and has struck a happy balance between working and exploring the world.

As an independent contractor, Jocelyn has the power to create her own schedule and design the job of her dreams.

Jocelyn has the freedom to teach a range of subjects, ages, and class sizes and has autonomy over how she delivers the subject matter. Jocelyn teaches subjects ranging from English to an arts and crafts class and has learned that you can teach almost any subject online (even cooking classes!).

Jocelyn is living proof that the dream of doing what you love while exploring the world can become a reality.

Teach Away can help you can get TEFL certified and even land a job teaching abroad.

Does this sound like your dream job? With a TEFL certification in hand, the world is your oyster! Get certified in as few as 8-12 weeks and find online teaching jobs right away on Teach Away’s job board.

If you’re interested in learning more about teaching English online and abroad, sign up for a FREE information session: TEFL 101: How to Qualify to Teach English Online & Abroad.

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