Top English teaching jobs in Belarus

Options for teaching in Belarus

As a general rule, teachers in Belarus will find the most job opportunities in bigger towns and cities like Minsk, where most of the international schools and private language schools are.
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Salary and benefits while teaching in Belarus

Salary and benefits for teaching jobs in international schools and language schools in Belarus vary widely across schools.

Teaching Benefit Type Teaching Benefit Details
Yearly Salary $1,000 – $2,000 US/month, depending on whether you’re teaching at a language school or international school.
Working Hours 9am – 4pm, five days a week.
Relocation Allowance Not usually provided.
Vacation June – September, as well as national holidays.
Health Insurance Not usually provided.
Contract Duration One year.

Teaching in Belarus


The school year in Belarus runs from September to June. Teachers can be hired for international and private language schools in Belarus year round, but the most popular time for hiring teachers runs from September until January.

Qualifications to teach in Belarus

Having a Bachelor’s degree as well as a relevant English teaching qualification such as a TEFL certificate is usually the minimum requirement to teach at a language school in Belarus.

The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online certificate can give you the edge over other candidates applying to teach English abroad in Belarus.

Teaching positions at international schools in Belarus are often in high demand and, consequently, the requirements for teachers looking for jobs at these schools are often higher. Teachers looking for jobs at an international school in Belarus will usually need an advanced degree in education as well as relevant teaching experience.

Visas for teachers in Belarus

You will need to have a work permit in order to teach abroad in Belarus. Due to the red tape involved in getting a visa to work in Belarus, it’s advisable to have your teaching job lined up prior to your arrival.

teaching in belarus

Living in Belarus

The cost of living is low in Belarus in terms of food, accommodation and transport, so you should be able to live comfortably, no matter your salary range.

Things for teachers to do in Belarus

Teachers in Belarus will find lots of opportunities to explore the country in their spare time. Belarusians are also known for being warm and hospitable, so you should feel at home in no time.

There’s something for everyone to see and to do in the capital, Minsk, with plenty of historic sights, restaurants and art galleries to visit. It also has the advantage of being inexpensive: a subway trip costs about 10 cents, and a cross-country train or bus ride costs as little as $10. You can even catch a show at the National Opera House for just $3!

For nature lovers, Belarus’s two UNESCO World Heritage Site national parks (home to Europe’s largest mammal, the European bison) are a dream come true. The country’s forests, lakes, rivers and picturesque villages are perfect for exploring, boating, fishing and bird-watching.

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Experience teaching in Belarus

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Belarus at a glance

Country information

Capital: Minsk

Language: Belarusian and Russian

Population: 9.466 million

Currency: Belarusian ruble

Government: Presidential republic with a bicameral parliament

Major religion: Eastern Orthodox

Climate: Temperate-continental

Quick facts

Belarus is a landlocked country and is surrounded by the following countries: Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Belarus means “White Russia”.

Belarus is home to the Viber app.

Belarus has a 99.7% literacy rate, one of the highest in the world.

Belarus is a flat country with over 11,000 lakes, an unusual terrain, mostly due to glacial scouring.

Minsk is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

43% of Belarus is covered in forest, more than almost any other European country.