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Teaching in Denmark

Options for teaching in Denmark

In Denmark, the public education system is strictly regulated. Teachers with non-Danish teaching credentials looking for teaching jobs in the primary and secondary school systems will need to first apply to the Danish Agency for Higher Education and request that their international qualifications be formally recognized. If necessary, expat teachers may be required to undergo further training.

Alternatively, Denmark offers a number of English teaching job opportunities for expat teachers outside of the mainstream public school system, either in bilingual international schools or private language schools. These schools are, for the most part, concentrated in the main urban cities Denmark like Copenhagen, Fredericia, Glostrup, and Hellerup.

Language schools

There are a large number of English language schools in Denmark offering opportunities for qualified teachers to teach subjects like Advanced English and Business English. Business English teaching jobs are in huge demand and previous business experience is often considered an advantage for these positions, along with relevant qualifications and previous experience teaching.

International schools

Denmark has more than 24 international schools across the country, primarily for children of expats, that regularly employ native English-speaking teaching staff. In Danish international schools, teachers are often in high demand and, consequently, the requirements for teachers looking for jobs at these schools are often more advanced.

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Salary and benefits while teaching in Denmark

Salary and benefits for teaching jobs in international schools and language schools in Denmark vary greatly across schools. Having, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree as well as a relevant English teaching qualification such as a TEFL certificate offers teachers the best chance to maximize their salary and benefit packages.

Teaching Benefit Type Teaching Benefit Details
Yearly Salary $43,000 – $58,000 USD, depending on the school.
Working Hours 40 hours per week, with roughly 19 hours per week of lessons.
Relocation Allowance Not typically provided.
Vacation June to August, in addition to national holidays in fall, winter, Easter and Christmas.
Health Insurance Not typically provided.
Contract Duration One year.

Teaching in Denmark – Hiring

The school year in Denmark runs from August to June, and job postings are accepted year-round. While job postings are advertised online, schools in Denmark typically like to interview candidates in person.

Qualifications to teach in Denmark

Denmark ranks in the top three countries globally for English language proficiency, so there is a good chance you’ll be in direct competition with native Danish teachers who are also vying for teaching jobs at international and language schools in Denmark.
Most language schools in Denmark look to hire English language teachers with at least a Bachelor’s degree and an internationally recognized TEFL certificate.
If you want to secure a job teaching in an international school in Denmark, you will usually need to have a postgraduate degree in education along with a wealth of relevant teaching experience.
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Visas for teachers in Denmark

As Denmark is a European Union member state, teachers who are EU citizens (or a citizen of the Nordic countries) do not require a visa to teach in Denmark.
If you are a non-EU citizen, however, then you will need to apply for a work permit in order to teach in Denmark. You will also need to be a certified teacher in your home country in order to be granted a visa to work in Denmark.

Living in Denmark

It’s not difficult to see why Denmark is usually a regular fixture near the top of most global quality-of-life surveys. Free healthcare, a world-class education system, low pollution, low crime rates and an emphasis on work-life balance are just some of the advantages available to teachers in Denmark.
The cost of living and taxes are higher than average, however, the salaries at Danish schools are usually higher to offset this fact.
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Things for teachers to do in Denmark

Known as the happiest place on Earth, lovers of Viking history and Scandinavian design have lots to see and do in Denmark. Denmark is justifiably famous for its varied tourist attractions like the Tivoli gardens, The Little Mermaid and last but not least, Legoland!
One of the most biking-friendly countries in Europe, cycling enthusiasts can explore the stunning Danish coastline, as well as the royal palaces and lush forests throughout the countryside, with ease.
Food lovers will also find plenty of opportunities to indulge at the best of Copenhagen’s New Nordic cuisine restaurants. Make sure to explore the city by foot and make the most of Copenhagen’s world-famous architecture, museums, galleries and unique laid-back cafe culture.
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Teach in Denmark

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Denmark at a glance

Country information

Capital: Copenhagen

Language: Danish

Population: 5.614 million

Currency: Danish krone

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Major religion: Evangelical Lutheran

Climate: Temperate

Quick facts

Denmark boasts one of the highest numbers of Nobel laureates per capita - 14 in total - of any country in the world.

Hans Christian Andersen, known as the father of fairy tales, was born in Denmark in 1805.

Denmark has the highest employment rate in the world.

The Danish flag, originating from 1219, in the world’s oldest state flag.

Denmark is the birthplace of LEGO. The LEGO company’s headquarters is located in Billund, Denmark.

Copenhagen is home to more Michelin-starred restaurants than the rest of Scandinavia combined.