Provide TEFL training through the University of Toronto

Teach Away partners with the University of Toronto to offer online TEFL training for educators. With customizable course options for institutions, the University of Toronto’s TEFL course provides educators with training from one of the world's top 20 universities, fully preparing them for all aspects of ESL teaching.

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Benefits of a University of Toronto certification

A top-ranked institution

The University of Toronto is ranked in the top 20 universities worldwide, with an Education Department ranked 14th in the world. Your teachers will receive training from Continuing Education at OISE, the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto.

No scheduling conflicts

The TEFL certification course is 100% online, entirely self-paced, and can be accessed any time. Teachers can complete the certificate at their own pace, with minimal disruption to daily schedules.

Ideal for all teachers

Teachers learn techniques designed to teach all core subjects – not only English – to speakers of other languages. The TEFL courses offered by the University of Toronto are designed for teachers who speak English as either a first or second language.

Attracts top talent

By providing your teachers with professional development from the University of Toronto, you are not only ensuring that your teachers have the highest-quality TEFL training, but distinguishing yourself as a top employer.

Why certify your teachers?

Distinguish your institution by associating your educational services with the teaching standards of the University of Toronto.

Ensure that your teachers are highly trained in the latest pedagogy with TEFL certification from a top 20 university.

Improve student achievement by utilizing the latest TEFL teaching pedagogy.

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Options for professional development

100-hour TEFL course 120-hour TEFL course
An Introduction to English Language Teaching (10 Hours) An Introduction to English Language Teaching (10 Hours)
Teaching Language Skills (25 hours) Teaching Language Skills (25 hours)
Adapting Subject-Specific Content (15 hours) Adapting Subject-Specific Content (15 hours)
Structuring and Delivering Lessons (15 hours) Structuring and Delivering Lessons (15 hours)
Your Teaching Environment (25 hours) Your Teaching Environment (25 hours)
Elective Specialization (10 hours) Elective Specialization (10 hours)
  Elective Specialization 2 (10 hours)
  Elective Specialization 3 (10 hours)

Areas of specialization include the following:

  • Teaching English to Mandarin Speakers
  • Teaching English to Arabic Speakers
  • Teaching English to Korean Speakers
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Teaching Test English
  • Teaching Business English
  • Digital Technology in the Classroom
  • Learner-Centered Lessons

Develop a TEFL course that meets the needs of your institution, allowing teachers to develop expertise in areas that target your student population.

Simplify your teachers' professional development

Develop your custom TEFL program